libQtCassandra 0.3.2

QCassandraValue.h File Reference

#include "QtCassandra/QCassandraConsistencyLevel.h"
#include <controlled_vars/controlled_vars_limited_auto_init.h>
#include <QtCore/QString>
#include <QtCore/QByteArray>
#include <QtCore/QDebug>
#include <stdint.h>
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class  QtCassandra::QCassandraValue
 Holds a cell value. More...


namespace  QtCassandra


void QtCassandra::appendBinaryValue (QByteArray &array, const QByteArray &value)
void QtCassandra::appendBoolValue (QByteArray &array, bool value)
void QtCassandra::appendCharValue (QByteArray &array, const char value)
void QtCassandra::appendDoubleValue (QByteArray &array, double value)
void QtCassandra::appendFloatValue (QByteArray &array, float value)
void QtCassandra::appendInt16Value (QByteArray &array, int16_t value)
void QtCassandra::appendInt32Value (QByteArray &array, int32_t value)
void QtCassandra::appendInt64Value (QByteArray &array, int64_t value)
void QtCassandra::appendSignedCharValue (QByteArray &array, signed char value)
void QtCassandra::appendStringValue (QByteArray &array, const QString &value)
void QtCassandra::appendUInt16Value (QByteArray &array, uint16_t value)
void QtCassandra::appendUInt32Value (QByteArray &array, uint32_t value)
void QtCassandra::appendUInt64Value (QByteArray &array, uint64_t value)
void QtCassandra::appendUnsignedCharValue (QByteArray &array, unsigned char value)
void QtCassandra::setBinaryValue (QByteArray &array, const QByteArray &value)
void QtCassandra::setBoolValue (QByteArray &array, bool value)
void QtCassandra::setCharValue (QByteArray &array, const char value)
void QtCassandra::setDoubleValue (QByteArray &array, double value)
void QtCassandra::setFloatValue (QByteArray &array, float value)
void QtCassandra::setInt16Value (QByteArray &array, int16_t value)
void QtCassandra::setInt32Value (QByteArray &array, int32_t value)
void QtCassandra::setInt64Value (QByteArray &array, int64_t value)
void QtCassandra::setNullValue (QByteArray &array)
void QtCassandra::setSignedCharValue (QByteArray &array, signed char value)
void QtCassandra::setStringValue (QByteArray &array, const QString &value)
void QtCassandra::setUInt16Value (QByteArray &array, uint16_t value)
void QtCassandra::setUInt32Value (QByteArray &array, uint32_t value)
void QtCassandra::setUInt64Value (QByteArray &array, uint64_t value)
void QtCassandra::setUnsignedCharValue (QByteArray &array, unsigned char value)
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